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Welcome to Heart Fire Healing!

(Formerly Body in Balance)


Do you often feel uncomfortable in your body, like a prisoner to the symptoms that stress and anxiety create?

Do you wish you knew just what to do to help yourself feel better when you are stressed out, tense, and anxious?

Do you dream of living your big, beautiful life, thriving in your relationships and doing all the things you need and want to do without these limitations that you currently experience?

If so, you’ve come to the right place!

My name is Lyn and I am here to help teach you tools and skills that have consistently helped both my clients and myself to overcome stress, anxiety, and tension, allowing them to feel more at home in their bodies and bringing greater expansion and joy into their lives.

I know from my own struggles with stress, anxiety, pain, and illness just how exhausting they can be. I know how they can make your world smaller and make you feel like you are living inside of a box that you didn’t choose for yourself… They can prevent you from living your dreams.

But I also know that it is possible to get back to living the life you are meant to live…

Ready to live your life with LESS stress? Ready to be at home in your body again?

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